Friday Favorites

If you're going to be cooped up in the house due to days on days of rain, it may as well be the first week of December- giving us loads of time to delve into some of our most beloved holiday traditions. And because we picked up our tree over Thanksgiving Weekend- as is tree-dition- we were all set to unwrap ornaments, trim the tree, and enjoy lazy morning and afternoons amongst our decorations. Yes, the holidays are in full swing- and not even a few days of rain can bring us down.

The Most Wonderful

Oh, hello, December.

I spend all year waiting for you; my excitement for what December brings- all things sugar and spice; magical music, festive gatherings with family and friends- trumping the other eleven months of the year. Beautiful as they may be. And this year, while I'm beyond happy to greet this month with open arms, as usual; I will admit that, in terms of November's, this one was one of my favorites.

Candy Cane Kiss Cupcakes

I'm the kind of person that always has a box of cake mix in the pantry. And generally speaking, this is something I'm not super proud of. I'd much rather be the kind of person that whips up a cake from scratch on the rare occasion a home-baked cake is needed; or the kind of person that didn't crave cake; or the kind of person that doesn't eat most of said cake in one sitting; or some combination of the three.

But being that I'm not, I had a box on hand yesterday. And on that cold and very rainy day, when my daughter was on a nap strike and happened to be fighting a cold- I've never been happier to be that kind of person.

No Matter What

Since MM was an itty bitty newborn, we've always taken a few minutes before bed time to read stories to our girl. Over the past year we have acquired a few favorites- Giraffes Can't DanceLlama Llama Red PajamaI Love You Stinky Face- children's books that have now become some of my most loved stories. And since day one, our favorite has been an adorable book about a little one's worries called No Matter What- a sweet story that I can now recite blindfolded.

Holiday Cheers: Red Wine For Any Budget

The holidays are officially upon us. Giving us all plenty excuses to clank our glasses together while we spread that holiday cheer. While this season is perfect for a variety of libations, as an admitted wino I'm partial to a nice glass of red this time of year.  And seeing as my mommy-time is often comprised of a delicious glass of wine {or two} and a whole lot of Bravo, I figured no time better than to share some of my tried and true favorites. And I can assure you, a lot of research went into this guide. A Lot. So whether you're celebrating with family and friends, picking up a hostess or holiday gift, or family functions are getting the best of you- here is my guide to the perfect bottle of red wine for any budget this holiday season. 

Holiday Jammies

There's nothing quite like a fresh pair of holiday pajamas to get you in the spirit of the season. I've always loved finding festive sets for myself and the family- from Rudolph and The Peanuts Gang to matching stripes and Grinch-laden prints. So when Maddie came along, my love for festive jammies only heightened, as you can well imagine; and she owned every "Baby's First Christmas" pair I found. This year, I've already found a few favorites from Burt's Bees and Hanna Andersson- their subtly festive prints giving the right amount of cheer for this time of year. And as I hunt for the perfect matching set for Christmas morning, here are some of my top picks for the kiddos: