My Tattoo Diary

Roughly ten years ago, at the ripe ole age of 25, I got my first tattoo.

It hadn’t been a long time coming; I never really imagined myself getting a tattoo, I never begged my parents for one growing up. But one day, I woke up and really wanted one. Needed one, actually. So I headed to the local parlor in downtown Santa Barbara and scratched my tattoo itch.

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The Perfect Sprinkle Gifts With Sammy + Nat

This coming weekend my sweet mama will be throwing a little sprinkle for me and baby number two, and I can’t wait to celebrate our happy miracle with some of our closest friends and family from across the country.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve gotten a lot of requests for a registry for the event; but, truthfully, being that this is our second girl, there isn’t a whole lot we need this time around.

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10 Summer Reads

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July, meaning summer is now officially in full swing.

We’ll be spending the next few months keeping this bump close to home- and I’m planning on a whole lot of {shaded} beachside lounging in my future. Hopefully, this will leave me with some much desired time to dive head first into a book or two {or three}.

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A bright + cheery Summer DIY with Scotties

Ever since becoming a mom, there are a few products that have become year-round staples in our lives: Hand sanitizer? Check. Band-Aids? Check. Facial tissue? Double Check.

These are the things that fill our home these days. Because germs, and boo-boo’s and sniffling, itchy noses can happen twelve months out of the year now. And that’s just with one little running around the house.

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30 Weeks

30 weeks. It’s insane how quickly time has flown by this time around.

Two seasons have passed since we got our news, and we already a week into summer with this bump of mine. Only a few short months before our due date, and we are ready for it over here! As we enter the final ten week stretch of pregnancy, here are a few updates on baby number two:

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Summer Nights

As much as I love my fall, there are few things better in life than summer nights at the beach with the family. Growing up in a coastal town, our local beach has always held a special place in our heart. And while it took me some time to find a love for the sand- I was not a fan as a kiddo- I can now think of no better way to spend a summer sunset than together by the water.

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25 Non-Maternity Dresses For Bump

You may have noticed there have been a lot of flowy dresses on the feed the past few months. I’m always a sucker for a breezy maxi; but when it comes to dressing my bump it’s pretty much all I wear.

This pregnancy, I’ve invested in a few “maternity” pieces , which I love- here and here. But I struggle with spending money on pieces that I’m unlikely to wear post-pregnancy.

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Collecting Little Art: Artkive PT I

Does anyone else struggle with what to do with all those pretty little masterpieces that come home from school with our kiddos? I sure do.

Ever since MM started preschool last year, I’ve been struggling about what to do with all the paintings, drawings, crafts and keepsakes that have come home signed by our girl. It’s made me a bit of a hoarder when it comes to her artwork; and I’ve been on the hunt for an alternative to keeping it in bins for eternity.

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Weekend Recap

After traveling a bunch the entire month of May and the beginning of June, we finally had a full family weekend at home. And it was just what we needed.

Friday we celebrated Maddie’s birthday with a super low key get together at the house with family. We grilled and enjoyed some good old fashion Carvel ice cream cake and enjoyed our first official BBQ of the season at our house.

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Four years ago today, at 3:06 am, we met your for the very first time.

Maybe met is the wrong word. Because we knew you well before then.

For so long before that day, we knew you were ours. You filled our dreams with hope for a family; one that had to include you- your spirit, your heart, your love of life and happiness and us.

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Father's Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is a little under a week away, and there’s still ample time to grab some great gifts for the special guys in our lives. With the help of Phil, and all your responses on Instagram, I’ve rounded up some of our favorite goodies for guys- so many of which are on sale or come with free shipping, so take advantage!

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Infertility: my journey + ttc advice

My journey with infertility began in January of 2014.

Phil and I got married in October of 2013; but knowing my history with PCOS, I decided to stop taking the BCP the summer before we tied the knot. I had known for most of my adult life that it would take some time and help to start a family, so I figured I would roll the dice and see what happened.

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