This past weekend we celebrated my littlest sister and her engagement to her long time love. If you follow along on Instagram, then you already know we were on a boat. And it was lots and lots of fun.  

Its been a while since there's been a wedding to celebrate in the family- and while they've been engaged a few months now, there was something about everyone coming together to celebrate that made it so real. And it brought out all the feels. 

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A Night With Mezzetta

If you follow along on Instagram, then you know we spent last night enjoying some tasty dishes, amazing cocktails and great company at the Mezzetta table. Who knew that a little peperoncini could be so versatile- and can transform such a variety of dishes into vibrant, zesty takes on classic favorites?

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Weekend Recap

This past weekend was one of the best we've had in quite some time. Not much was planned, everything was low key- but it was filled with some of my very favorite things: a crisp breeze, good friends, great wine, and my family.

And, thankfully, lots of Soulcycle. Because to say we ate our way through this weekend would be a vast understatement. 

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Pre-Pregnancy Nutrition with Fertile Girl

No, no. I'm not pregnant. Yet. As I mentioned {here} I found myself a bit shell-shocked after our last try at baby number two. It left me defeated, sad, and discouraged; for the time being. So we tabled the idea, and went back to enjoying our little family of three.

And now, nearly a year later, we are ready to get back on the horse, and try again. As us mamas do.

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July Roundup

Wow, this past month flew by.

Feels like summer started just yesterday; but here we are, welcoming August already. July always starts with a bang for us- yes, because of the fourth; and all the BBQs and fireworks it brings. But also because the third is my husband's birthday. And he's never met a birthday bash he didn't like.

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Summer Petals by Bouqs

Petals and giggles and lazy al fresco afternoons do a sweet, sweet summer make.

And this past weekend was filled with all of the above. After a week of scorching heat that kept us cooped up for days, we celebrated the weekend's cooler temperatures by spending much of our days outside. July can be hot and humid here in Connecticut, so on days when the breeze graces us with its presence, we soak in all the summertime air that we can. 

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Life Lately

Almost the end of July, and its safe to say the summer's in full swing. Although this season has never been my favorite, I can't say the same for our girl- she's a beach junkie for sure, and has done her darnedest to make one out of the rest of her family.

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Tutus + Teepees

Sometime in the last few months this car, truck and spiderman-loving tom-girl of ours decided to change her tune. Sure, she'll still get excited when she hears an airplane flying by, but recently her interest have taken a turn for the girly. Ever since Nana bought MM her first fairy costume, she's been addicted to all the tulle. 

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A Night at the Carnival

Five years ago in  September, I met a tall, handsome drink of water that would soon become my husband. It was a Sunday morning in a local pub- his eyes were glued to the New England patriots on the tube. And despite the fact that I had never laid eyes on him before, I quickly learned we were both townies, and had crossed paths many times in our lives. 

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