Favorite Local Kid-Friendly Restaurants

One of the many perks of raising our daughter in the very town we grew up in, is the ease with which we can share our favorite childhood memories with her.

Yes, my husband and I both grew up here in Connecticut. We even attended the same elementary school, though several {sorry, babe} years apart. And so we share so many memories of the same people, places, and activities that molded our youth; and are happy to be able to share them with Madeline in our daily lives. 

Cozy Cheekz

Every now and then I come across a product that I just wish was around when MM was an itty-bitty newborn- must-haves that would have made my life all that much easier as a new mama. And then there are the products I find that just make me scream, "why didn't I think of that?!"

And when I came across baby company Cozy Cheekz, I found TWO such products: Cozy Cheekz Heated Changing Pad and the Cozy Cradle

Friday Favorites | Bonpoint Sale

When I was pregnant with MM, my mother and I serendipitously came upon the most magical baby store a girl could ask for. It was a cold, snowy day in NYC, and we were determined to ignore the weather and enjoy a shopping day in Soho. Looking for some much needed warmth, we hopped into what world be one of my very favorite baby boutiques: Bonpoint.

I loved everything. The decor. The color palette. The whimsy of the little French dolls, stuffed animals and keepsakes. And the clothes. Ahhh, the clothes. And so the addiction began. 


If you looked outside, you'd never know it. But we got one heck of a snowfall last weekend. And it was the perfect opportunity to bundle our little girl up and take her for a sled-ride in one of her very favorite Christmas presents. Because she's just a little thing and it was cold {like really cold} we didn't venture too far; my other half just leading her around the front and backyard.