Semi Homemade Candy Corn

Growing up my mother would always tell me stories of her own childhood holidays- recounting stories of hours in the kitchen with her grandmother, making homemade candies by the dozens. Its a sweet memory of hers that I cherish as well- one that conjures nostalgic images of a perfectly simpler time. Maybe a ham baking in the oven, adults drinking egg nog, Bing on the record player. No iPhones, no Sonos, no video chat. Just a little girl making memories. 

Friday Favorites

Like most years, I've found myself totally smitten with this year's fall. Leaves are changing, the house smells of apple and pumpkin and cinnamon, we're cozying up to spooky movies, and the countdown to the holidays has officially begun. There really is just something about it that feels like "home." And like most things, it feels just a bit more special enjoying it with our girl- watching her devour her first apple cider donut, pick her first pumpkin and play with her first golden leaf making this time of year all the more magical.

Busy Bee

Oh, Zara: let me count the ways. There are few brands that can pull off affordable coolness the way Zara can. I've been a fan of their women's clothing for years; and when it comes to their duds for minis- they don't disappoint. I've loved dressing our girl in their chic little dresses {as seen here} since she was itty-bitty. Their prints are adorable, their palette is the perfect blend neutral and girly, and their price point is one that won't break the bank. Perfection.

A Spooky Night In

Just thirteen days left until Halloween, giving us plenty of time to enjoy a few family nights-in with some of our favorite spooky, but kid-friendly, flicks. There's nothing better on a crisp, fall night than cozying up with my love and my mini to enjoy a classic. Last night we opted for my all-time-favorite, It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. I pulled out some cozy fall blankets, baked some festive sugar cookies {thank you, Pillsbury}, and cuddled-up in front of the fire to watch the Peanuts gang celebrate the season.

Mom Hack: Bib Hooks

If your babe is anything like mine, mealtime can be messy. Since Maddie was itty bitty, bibs became a daily staple; and between the drool, formula, and food, there were times when she may have worn them all day long. While recently she's gotten much better at getting that avocado in her mouth rather than her newly laundered top, there are certain times when a bib is still a must. And there's nothing worse than scrambling for one at the very last minute. So in order to keep one close by for those messy meals, I've used this mom hack to always have one on hand.

Friday Favorites

So we officially have a sixteen-month-old on our hands. A little toddler that doesn't just walk, but runs; a Chatty Kathy whose pastimes include making pretend phone calls, building little lego lands, hours of board book reading and hanging with Peanuts and the gang.  And while I'm not always sure exactly what she's saying- she's saying quite a lot; those little babbles filling my heart with so much joy and excitement for the words her sweet little voice will someday say to me.