Winter Rx

Truth be told, I have fairly problematic skin. It's prone to dryness and redness, and its something I have to be super mindful of all year round- particularly considering the extreme temperatures we experience here in Connecticut.

Achieving that perfect glow is something I've always struggled with; but recently I've re-committed to paying more attention to my skin- oh, hey, 33rd birthday. Because no one is getting any younger around here.

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Toddler Room Mini Tour

Madeline's room has transformed a few times over the last two and a half years. 

If you recall, it started as a neutral nursery {here} and I vowed never to include too much pink or frill. Famous last words. And I'm sure glad I had a change of heart, because in hindsight, that little grey room looks sort of sad.

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Breakfast at Sweet Peas

Ever since Maddie was just an itty bitty newborn, we've taken her to our local bakery for family breakfasts on lazy Saturday mornings. Its changed a bit since it first opened- its now a sit down, full service eatery with beer and wine, to boot- but Sweet Peas in Old Greenwich is still the cutest little coffee shop in town. And one of our very favorites to take our little.

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Winter Wishlist

Whelp. If the past few weeks are any indication, its going to be one long {and very cold} winter. The temperatures at home in snowy Connecticut have been in the single digits, so we headed down south to Florida to seek some refuge. And while the mouse has been keeping us wildly entertained, its not too toasty in these parts either.

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5 Indoor Activities To Do with the kids

Brrrr! At the risk of sounding redundant: its cold. And if you're home with the littles like Yours Truly, then cabin fever may be setting in already. This past week I brought out all the stops to keep MM entertained indoors. We dined out at our favorite restaurants. We attended the best local drop-in classes. And we even enjoyed some of our favorite indoor activities at home- in the comfort of our PJs. 

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In My Bag: Disney Packing Essentials

If you live anywhere near us here in Connecticut, you know the temperatures have dropped below frigid. I can't remember the last time its been this cold this early. As a native New Englander, I rarely complain about the cold. I'm not quite the wear-flip-flops-ti-there's-snow kind of New Englander that my husband is. But I can take a freezing cold day in January. 

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Sayonara, 2017; and welcome, 2018.  

This past year was a full one. It was full of up and downs; lessons learned; successes and setbacks.  

The wild majority of our year was filled with so much joy. Our girl turned two. My mother finally moved back east. We celebrated five years together and four happy years of marriage. I turned 33, feeling strong and happy as ever. We vacationed and laughed and loved and drank delicious wine. Lots of it. 

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Five Festive Things You Still Have Time To Do

Christmas is in five days, and I really can't believe it. It's crazy how time flies the older you get- and times that by ten when you start to have a tiny tribe of your own. We've been hardcore about  Christmas activities this year, starting way back before Thanksgiving when we took a trip on the Polar Express in Essex, CT. Yes, this year we've covered a lot of holiday territory; and in case you're in need of a little last minute cheer, I've compiled a list of five {semi-local} things you still have time to do before the big day arrives:

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Friday Favorites

Wow. The past week has flown by. It's been a whirlwind filled with a few ups and downs- don't worry, I'm working away on a post about it all to share very soon.

And while there have been a few tears recently, they've all been overshadowed with the joy of soaking in the holiday season.

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Five Sweet Stocking Stuffers

As I've mentioned before, MM recently started attending the cutest little art class in Rowayton a few weeks ago. It's drop off, meaning I have a few hours to spend to myself- getting some work done, drinking a cup of coffee before it gets cold, sneaking in a work out, and {more often than not} just perusing the adorable shops around town with two free hands.


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