Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, kids!

This week was a short one for us- or at least I made it that way. Phil was off on Monday, and for the third year in a row I accidentally kept MM home, thinking she was off too. I would blame it on all the moving parts around here these days; but, if I’m being honest, I’m pretty sure I would have kept her home had I remembered. There’s really nothing better than these rare days when we can be together just us four , and I would feel weird sending her to school while Dad gets the day off to play.

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Becoming A Mom of Two

Friday marks six weeks with our newest addition and I can’t believe its gone by so fast.

I learned rather quickly with MM that what they say is true: The days are long, but the years are short. Cliché, yes. But clichés exist for a reason. And in this part of our journey, where so much has changed, that remains the very same.

It has taken me some time to sit down and write this piece about our transition from a family of three to a family of four, because the transition has taken us- has taken me- some time. More than I had thought it would; more than I would like to admit.

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Pajama Party

Rainbows and hearts and baby cheeks, oh my!

If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you may already know we’ve been spending a whole lot of time in our pajamas around here.

Early newborn mornings, cozy fall afternoons and lazy long weekends have been begging for our comfiest pairs; and I’ve taken ever opportunity to dress these two chickadees up in matching sets.

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Apple Dippers

Back to school photos are starting to fill my feed, and it is getting me super excited for my favorite time of year. Yes, I’m sad to see the summer come to an end, albeit less so than in previous, non-pregnant years. But there’s just something about fall that I can’t shake.

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Clean + Simple Swaps with Sherwood Green Life

As I’ve mentioned before {here} I’ve been pretty invested in clean beauty ever since becoming pregnant for the first time, roughly five years ago.

It was through a little bit of research way back then that I learned the importance of avoiding parabans and phthalates when pregnant. Immediately, I began switching over so many of the products I used on a daily basis; and I’ve been interested in clean, everyday swaps we can make at home ever since.

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Collecting Little Art: Artkive PT II

A few weeks ago I shared my plan to preserve all of the paintings, crafts, drawings and keepsakes created by our MM over the years {here}.

After years of struggling over what to do with all of Madeline’s special creations, I finally found Artkive- a simple and easy-to-use service that will convert all your kids’ precious artwork into a beautiful hardcover book.

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A 36 Week Bumpdate + My Latest Go-To Accessory

Happy Friday! We’re 36 weeks today, and now we’re really almost there. We’re four weeks away and in the home stretch to meet our girl. Compared to my first pregnancy, this one has been quite a breeze. And I’m so grateful that I’ve had the energy and time and physical ability to document it here, in this space. I was hesitant at first, to get in front of the camera, to share this personal journey. But now, looking back, I’m so happy I’ll have this little diary of this phase of life for years to come.

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Simple Tweaks to Spruce Up Your Home

Every now and then I get the bug to update the feel of our home- to freshen up the space and bring new energy into our well-loved rooms.

Thankfully, for our wallets, this rarely requires a major overhaul like swapping out furniture. Instead, I’ve found there are a few simple, inexpensive tweaks that can easily update our space- and most of them are free- woohoo.

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How I've Managed My Anxiety This Pregnancy

When I sat down to write this post, I headed to my Musings tab to see what I’ve already said about my previous experience with pregnancy and postpartum anxiety. And I was shocked to find- very little. Aside from a few mentions in my 30 Week Bumbdate {here} and a few posts on Instagram, I haven’t really delved into the anxiety that riddled my first pregnancy and reared its head after Maddie was born.

So here it is:

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Friday Favorites

35 weeks today and I really can’t believe it. I’ve been pregnant this entire year; it’s gone by SO quickly, and yet I still feel like I’ve been pregnant FOREVER.

Only a few more weeks before we’ll be welcoming our next love, and we are counting down the seconds until we get to meet her.

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