On The Color Pink


Before Maddie Mae was born, I stood up on my soap box and denounced the color pink. I was very adamant about the idea that MM shouldn't be forced to like the color, or bows, or hearts or anything too "girly" simply because she was a girl. Sure, I still agree with the crux of this belief- she shouldn't have to like these things because of her gender. But, throughout the past few months I've come to realize that she also shouldn't reject these things for the same reason. Maddie is girly- she has been since the day she was born. She is drawn to all things pink. She is goofy and giggly in the most wonderfully sweet way. She points her toe when she stands, as if she is already a ballerina. She is nothing if not gentle. She reaches for tulle, and dolls, and glitter; and she looks great in a dainty bow. And I embrace all of this- because I know she can grow to be both girly and pretty while simultaneously being smart, and strong and in charge. She can someday be both tough and sweet; and blaze her own beautiful trail, all while wearing that feminine shade of pink.