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One of my favorite things about Lilies + Lambs is that I am encouraged to really think- to reflect on my life as a mother, wife, daughter and friend. Rarely, if ever, have I sat down to contemplate a year in review. And doing so for this post makes me grateful to have a vehicle that requires such introspection.

This year has been filled with emotions like any other- happiness, sadness, frustration and joy. There were immense amounts of laughter, and bouts of salty tears. But what truly sets this year apart is the amount I learned as I took on a new role- as mother to the most amazing little human. Thank you, 2015, for bringing me my little MM, and for forcing me to strive to be the best version of myself for her every single day.

Here are my highlights of 2015:

10. The first pedal stroke in my first post-baby soul cycle class- I had waited almost a year for it, and it was even better than I had remembered. 

9.  Laying poolside on Maui with my sisters, best friend and mama on my pseudo-babymoon. 

8.  The moment I finally fit back into my skinny jeans without a struggle or breaking a sweat. Hallelujah!

7.  Watching our daughter get baptized in the same church her father and I did; surrounded by friends, family and so much love. 

6. Feeling my late grandfather's presence in Madeline's room, convincing me that he's here watching over her, as I knew he would.

5. Meeting the other beautiful little babes born this year to family and loved ones; knowing that Maddie will be able to someday say she has been friends with them since birth.

4.  Introducing MM to her Great-Nana, and spending her first Thanksgiving with four generations of ladies. Enjoying the bird on Nana's passed-down heirloom China was a bonus.

3.  Getting cheered on by my super strong Mama- forever + always, but especially on June 11 + 12 as we brought MM into this world.

2. Laughing with Madeline + my husband as a family- her goofy giggle gets me every time.

1.  Holding my baby girl for the first time and never wanting to let her go. 


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