Ama Te Ipsam

Four years ago, I woke up out of an emotional fog + decided to make a big change in my life. I was living in California, somewhat lost, in a not-so-fairytale relationship, without my tribe, with no direction whatsoever. Yuck. Following this epiphany, I quickly made several steps to steer my life in the right direction- I decided to move back to my hometown, reconnect with old friends and the place and things that had always made me so happy. I made a choice to put myself first, to take care of me so that I could someday take care of another, and be the kind of partner {and, someday, mother} I had always hoped to be. I made this message permanent, so as to never forget it; tattooing the phrase "Ama Te Ipsam" on my forearm before I made the move back to Connecticut. This Latin phrase translates to, "love thyself first;" and at the time I had intended to add "and then another" when the time was right. Now four years later, a mother to a darling girl and wife to a preppy New Englander, I may just have to table the idea of another tattoo.  But I have to say, this little hand juxtaposed to the mantra that brought me home is as indelible as can be.  This holiday I'm grateful for that daily reminder; for the guts it took to move across the country and start anew; for the guy that cheers me on, and most importantly, that little hand that holds her mama so tight.

Remember to take care of yourselves when things get hectic this holiday, and into the new year- love yourself, so you can so fiercely love the ones that need you most.