New Obsessions

Nespresso coffee | all day, every day.

Nespresso coffee | all day, every day.

Over the past five and a half weeks, things have changed around here.

I've mastered the art of doing almost anything with just one hand {including blogging} / the term sleepless nights has been redefined / coffee has never been so wildly coveted {and necessary} / our vocabulary has undergone a complete makeover {did she poopie? can you pass me the wubbanub?} / the most frequented site in my cache is {game-changer}  / and it takes a solid 30 minutes longer to leave the house.

In addition to these changes, I've acquired some new obsessions- check out my new post baby jams...

rockabye baby

Rockabye lullabies | Our playlists have changed a bit, but I'm loving these lullaby renditions just as much as Maddie Mae does

Yawns + Burt's Bees | I feel ya, Maddie

chanel sneakers

Chanel Sneakers | So happy to fit in these suckers post baby {I was worried}

juice press

Juice Press Pink Punk | The perfect addition to my post baby diet. Turns out, I like beet juice, who knew?


Bath Time | Because this cozy elephant hoodie + these chubby little arms