Overnight Oats

Chia Seed Overnight Oats

Getting fit post baby has been quite an undertaking.  A self-proclaimed foodie and admitted wino, I've always been one of those people that relies heavily on cardio in order to stay in shape.  So not being able to work out my entire pregnancy, and then the seven weeks after the monkey arrived, has been frustrating to say the least.

I quickly came to terms with the fact that my diet needed a complete overhaul once she came.  {Acceptance is the first step, right?}  The biggest dietary hurdle I faced over the past few weeks wasn't what to eat, but when to find time to make it.  Oatmeal had always been my go-to "healthy" breakfast in the past, but seeing as I have one of those super cuddly babies that won't let mom put down, it became difficult to find time {yes, even the one minute} to cook those oats on the stove top. Sorry, open flames + baby toes don't mix.

Enter Overnight Oats.  My sister Patty used to make them religiously when she lived with us last summer- mixing chia seeds + oats nightly, creating what appeared to be some sort of science-experiment-gone-wrong.  They turned me off at first- seriously, this dish is no belle of the ball- but she swore by them, and the countless versions I found on health blogs had me curious. 

This past weekend I decided to give them a whirl, and I have to say, I'm hooked! A chia-seed convert, so to speak. Not only are these oats super yummy, healthy, and filling; I can also easily grab the refrigerated serving with one hand while holding the little one. Skinny jeans: here I come!

Quaker Oats Overnight Oats
Overnight Oats

I followed a basic recipe, mixing 1 cup almond milk + 3 tbsp chia seeds + 2 tbsp oats in a mason jar, then refrigerating them overnight. I chose to garnish with a few slices of banana and cinnamon in the morning before serving, but really, the options are endless- peanut butter, blueberries, chocolate chips... Add whatever suits your fancy! 

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