Green Machine

Vitamix Green Smoothie

I've always been a sucker for a delicious smoothie.  Green + Tonic: Love your Ultimate Warrior. Juice Press:  Harvey Wallbanger is my JAM. But with the little monkey not being able to go out in public just yet- two months, you are so close I can taste ya- it has been a challenge to get my healthy smoothie on.  And, honestly, the thought of having to pack her up and lug her to my favorite juicery seems like quite the ordeal for a measly juice.  So when my way-too-generous mother sent me my very own Vitamix, I did a little happy dance.

In the past, my attempts at making homemade smoothies were underwhelming. The blender never fully blended and the cleanup was never worth the juice. But this magic machine is a true game-changer. The blade works like a charm, the self cleaning mode is perfection, and the uses are endless.

Lately I've been experimenting with green juices. My sister used it recently to make a delicious pesto. And we can't wait to put it to work making yummy soups this Fall.  Oh Vitamix, let me count the ways...