It has officially been two weeks since we transitioned our little one from my bedside to her nursery- a move I had dreaded since the day she was born. From that first day, I was neurotic about watching her sleep- sometimes placing a fingertip on her little chest to make extra sure she was breathing. I hadn't planned on her leaving our room for several weeks, maybe months even, but as she steadily outgrew her sleeper, I knew it was time. 

Ironically, the move to her room was relatively painless- dreaded as it was- and it was certainly harder for mom than baby.  She still wakes once a night for a bottle and needs to be pretty asleep to stay put; and I do miss her little face next to mine at times. But there's a smiley, calm contentment about her when she's in her room; a confidence evident in how instantly talkative she becomes inside.

Our little girl is growing up, and becoming just a sliver more independent.  We get a little bit of our life back, and can now enjoy the fact that our little girl feels so comfortable in the nursery we so lovingly and thoughtfully designed for her.  As for my need to watch her sleep? It doesn't hurt having that handy video monitor on my bedside table.

Keep growing, little one, just not too fast...