MOM HACK: 5 Fave | Apps For Baby

I'm guilty of it- I let my baby use my cell phone. I won't plop her down with it during the day, but I will use it in a pinch- most often when we are out and her normal toys are no longer keeping her entertained. With some research, I found there are actually a lot of fun, educational apps out there for baby. They keep her busy, buying mom and dad a few more minutes of free time... And really, how can we blame her for loving it- we are on our phones more than we'd care to admit. 

Here are five apps that I'm loving for baby right now: 

Baby Rattle App iphone

Baby Rattle by Kiddoware

This was the first app I purchased for MM- recommended by Auntie Bear. She loved it from the beginning, back when she couldn't hold the phone on her own. Now she loves to swipe the floating characters, and even has a favorite theme. 

WATCH Disney Junior iphone App

Disney Junior by Disney

This app is fabulous- just sign in with your cable provider login and you have all the Doc McStuffins + Mickey Mouse Clubhouse you could want at your fingertips. 

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn App iphone

Laugh & Learn Animal Sounds for Baby by Fisher-Price

Love all the Fisher-Price apps- I recently downloaded this to familiarize the babe with animal sounds. 

Phone4Kids by TabTale LTD

This app has several different features- including alphabet practice, pretend text and a drawing app. Great for a fun distraction in a pinch. 

Laugh & Learn Learning Letters Monkey App iPhone

Laugh & Learn Learning Letters Monkey App by Fisher-Price

The first FP app I downloaded- great for the basics like ABCs and 1-2-3s. And it's FREE!