Hospital Bag Must Haves: For Dad

Hospital Bag Must Haves For Dad

When getting prepped for my hospital stay, I have to admit I didn't put too much thought into a bag for the Mister. Lucky for us, we live minutes away from the hospital, and he was able to sneak home for a shower, change of clothes, and a few essentials once I was settled and hanging with the family. That being said, there were a few must-haves that would have made his stay with me at the hospital a little more comfortable. Here's what we will be packing, if and when there's round number two:

1. Pillow for Him: To make the most of momentary naps

2. Comfy Slippers: For late-night vending machine runs

3. Toothbrush + Toiletries: To freshen up on the fly

4. Towel from Home: Because we avoid hospital towels when we can

5. Change of Clothes: Or two. Or three. And make 'em comfy!

6. Blanket: Again, for nap time 

7. Camera: Whether you have a professional shooter, or are an iPhone kind of photog, bring what you need to capture their first moments 

8. Chargers, Chargers + More Chargers: Because everyone will need some juice

9. Snacks on Snacks: Bring enough for Mom + Dad. You will both work up an appetite in there