Hospital Bag Must Haves: For Mom

Hospital Bag Must Haves Bringing Baby Home

I'm a planner- big time. So when it came to packing my hospital bag, I did some research well in advance of my due date, and had my duffel ready to go about three weeks before Maddie came. Laugh if you will, but it was a welcome luxury when the babe came two and a half weeks early... I've seen a lot of hospital bag checklists out there- some are helpful, some are obvious {bring your ID's and iphones, ladies}, some are laughable {don't bother bringing your own Always, you'll see} and some are a little excessive {the hospital will give you all the diapers and wipes you could possibly need, promise}.

So after my first go at this whole child birth thing, here are my Hospital Bag Must-Have: For Mom...

hospital bag must haves mom

1. YOUR OWN PILLOW: Because hospital pillows just aren't that comfortable, and kind of gross me out.

2. SLIPPERS: If you're in labor and need to walk around, slippers are a must. Same goes from walking around post-baby.

3. SOCKS: It gets cold in there, folks.

4. COMFY ROBE: You'll be in the hospital a few days post baby, at least... It was nice to have a comfy robe to cover up and easily take off for feedings.

5. SPEAKERS/iPOD: Who knows how long your labor will take, or how much bad TV will be on after. Bring your favorite tunes, plus soundtrack for baby. I highly recommend Rockabye Baby! albums- babies are instantly soothed by them and it's a great way to start them out loving some good music from day one.

6. SNACKS: Once I was admitted to the hospital, I wasn't allowed to eat anything except ice until the baby arrived. UGH. Thirteen hours later, at 3:30am, I was finally allowed to eat something. And everything was closed. So, yes, bring snacks. Whatever you'll be craving.

7. WATER: You'll need this. Especially post delivery when baby starts nursing. Bring your fave.

8. GOING HOME OUTFIT: I suggest comfy leggings, a loose shirt,  nursing tank or nursing bra, comfy sneaks or flip-flops {for your still-swollen feet}, and whatever layers are necessary depending on the time weather.  I'm a fan of scarves all year round- they always make me feel a little more "dressed;" even when I felt like I had been hit by a bus post-delivery.

9. BOPPY: I can't say enough about the Boppy pillow. Seven months post-baby and I still find uses for it. It's an excellent tool when starting to nurse, and for bottle feelings too!

10. PRETTY BLANKET/SWADDLES: The swaddles and blankets they give you at the hospital aren't always that comfy or pretty... I was happy to have mine when it came time to take newborn pics on MM's first day here.

11. TOWEL: Because hospital towels give me the heebie jeebies.

12. FACIAL WIPES: Perfect for freshening up when your legs still might not feel up for the walk to the bathroom sink.

13. LIP BALM: It can get dry in those hospital rooms, come prepared!


What were some of your hospital bag must-haves?