Friday Favorites

This light on my little love. 

This light on my little love. 

So we officially have a sixteen-month-old on our hands. A little toddler that doesn't just walk, but runs; a Chatty Kathy whose pastimes include making pretend phone calls, building little lego lands, hours of board book reading and hanging with Peanuts and the gang.  And while I'm not always sure exactly what she's saying- she's saying quite a lot; those little babbles filling my heart with so much joy and excitement for the words her sweet little voice will someday say to me. As always, here are some of my favorites this Friday:


Mini fringed dessert boots that I so wish were mine. {similar style here}

Zara Kids

This candid shot from our recent family photo shoot. 

Mcardles Florist Greenwich

Pretty petals to celebrate our anniversary from my sweet mama.

Flowers Pinot Williams Sonoma Mulling Spices

Some recent fall essentials: mulling spices, our favorite Pinot, and a pretty petite pumpkin.