Friday Favorites

This beauty exploring fall leaves. 

This beauty exploring fall leaves. 

Like most years, I've found myself totally smitten with this year's fall. Leaves are changing, the house smells of apple and pumpkin and cinnamon, we're cozying up to spooky movies, and the countdown to the holidays has officially begun. There really is just something about it that feels like "home." And like most things, it feels just a bit more special enjoying it with our girl- watching her devour her first apple cider donut, pick her first pumpkin and play with her first golden leaf making this time of year all the more magical. And the fact that my mama has been in town to enjoy it with us- that's just the icing on the pumpkin spice cake.

Here are a few of my favorites this week:

Roberta Roller Rabbit

These new plaid picks for mommy +  mini from Robert Roller Rabbit that got me in the twinning mood |

Friday Favorites Terrain.jpg

Exploring all New England autumn has to offer with Nana | 

Tata Harper Glow

This line of 100% natural and toxic-free products from Tata Harper that's got my skin glowing {here} |

J Lynn Designery Weekly Planner

With just over two months left in 2016, I've already picked up my 2017 planner {here} and I'm in love |

Tod's Point Old Greenwich

Impromptu fall beach walks at our favorite little spot |