Semi Homemade Candy Corn

Homemade Candy Corn Fall

Growing up my mother would always tell me stories of her own childhood holidays- recounting stories of hours in the kitchen with her grandmother, making homemade candies by the dozens. Its a sweet memory of hers that I cherish as well- one that conjures nostalgic images of a perfectly simpler time. Maybe a ham baking in the oven, adults drinking egg nog, Bing on the record player. No iPhones, no snapping, no video chat. Just a little girl making memories. 

And this weekend we made a few of our own. Lately Maddie's fancied herself quite the chef- mimicking our every move in the kitchen with her own pint-sized whisk, measuring cups, and mixing bowls. So with her by our side we whipped up some Semi-Homemade Candy Corn. If my mother had it her way, the "semi" would have been dropped. But she's a better baker, and much more patient, than I. So I, admittedly, melted a bag of Brach's caramels to make our caramel coating. Despite having to work quickly- that caramel sets fast!- it was a simple treat to make; and even MM could play along, adding a few topping here and there. And diving in as soon we finished. 

Homemade Candy Corn Fall Candy
Homemade Candy Corn Fall
Homemade Candy Corn Fall


10 cups popcorn

1 bag caramel corn, melted 


I chose m & m's  and candy corn, but you can add whatever suits your fancy 


1. Set aside popcorn in a large mixing bowl

2. Set out baking sheet covered in parchment or Silpat

3. Remove caramels from wrappers and place in small pot with 2 tablespoons water. Heat on medium and stir continuously until melted

4. Pour 3/4 of the melted caramel onto popcorn using a wooden spoon to coat; quickly spread out on baking sheet forming one cohesive layer

5. Pour remaining caramel onto popcorn and immediately sprinkle candies onto areas with the freshly drizzled caramel

6. Let popcorn cool

7. Serve. Or devour right off the sheet, like we did