Road Trip Must-Haves

Road Trip Must Haves

After a few weeks weeks of being steadfast homebodies, we are officially gearing up for a much needed family vacation- yay! Just a few days away, nothing too crazy- but a change of scenery before the holidays are in full swing. We're staying relatively local- road tripping just a few hours north to beautiful Old Saybrook, where the agenda includes: enjoying some yummy food, relaxing at the spa, perusing shops with MM and Nana, taking in the coast's fall foliage and a local fall festival. We've always loved taking these little trips here and there, but there's just something about discovering new places with MM that makes it all the more fun.  And while she's an excellent traveller by plane, I'm definitely happy about bypassing an airport check-in this time around. 

After a year of travels with my mini, here are my Road Trip Must-Haves. What are yours?

Road Trip Must-Haves

Meal Time:

My kid's a big time snacker, so I rarely take a trip to the market without our snack cup filled with gold fishies; so I'm sure to pack lots of snack cups that we can easily hand over to her. And water- lots and lots of water. If you want to eat in the car, travel dishes are great for packing tiny meals. But if you're into pit stops, I'd grab some disposable placemats and bibs- because, germs.

  Disposable Placemats / Diaper Wipes / Disposable Bibs / Travel Dish / H2O /  Snack Cup


I'm big on bringing extras, just in case: pacifiers, diapers, a change of clothes, blankie etc. And a window shade is an everyday-must in my book, but definitely in the case of a long car ride with the kiddo.

Extra Pacifiers / Diapers / Travel Changing Mat / Window Shade / Change of Clothes / Beloved Blanket


I always pack a few new books for MM to see for the first time- novelty is king! And as you know, I'm pro-pad, so I'll be packing my iPad stocked with my favorite apps {here}. And I find if she's ever in a fit of tears, turning up her kid-friendly music often does the trick.

 New Books / iPad / Kid Songs