Black and Orange | Oreo White Chocolate Chip Cookies

Oreo White Chocolate Chip Cookies

Every now and then Maddie Mae will give me a nice, long midday nap. And I happily receive them as a "thank you" for being her mama. Some weeks, these naps can be few and far between, but we're still working on her manners. But on those days when she does give me a little naptime "thank you," I enjoy a few extra hours of mommy-time: to fold that laundry, tidy up, get some writing done, and, sometimes, even bake a batch of homemade cookies.

I found this recipe during one such nap last week- a simple, yet delicious combination of Oreos and white chocolate that made for the perfectly sweet treat. I happened to have a box of Halloween Oreos- adding an orange hue and lending a festive feel to this already scrumptious recipe {found here}. 

What are your favorite homemade Halloween treats?


Halloween Oreos
Oreo White Chocolate Cookies
Oreo White Chocolate Cookies