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{Matching holiday PJs found  here }

{Matching holiday PJs found here}

And then there were three.

As the oldest of four, I'm no stranger to a bustling house. Growing up, ours was the one friends flocked to- my mother always abiding by a strict stocked fridge and open door policy.  So with my immediate family spread across the country, it sometimes remains an adjustment to the slower pace of a family of three. Particularly when one of us doesn't talk all that much {just yet}. 

Over the last few weeks I got a little taste of that old school craziness with so much of my extended family in town- my mother, sisters and brothers all in one place to celebrate my birthday and spoil my daughter rotten. And after weeks of enjoying a full house, they've all returned to their lives back home. The house is quiet, and my heart aches just a bit, but I take solace in the memories we made and the fact that I know they will return soon. And while many of them won't be here for Turkey Day, I'm grateful that I can look forward to Christmas with the crew, right around the corner. 

{Needlepoint Flask found  here }

{Needlepoint Flask found here}

{Fire season is finally here}

{Fire season is finally here}

{La Buffina Holiday Bows found  here }

{La Buffina Holiday Bows found here}

{Baby Sorel Snow Boots found  here }

{Baby Sorel Snow Boots found here}