The Most Wonderful

November Holiday Images

Oh, hello, December. 

I spend all year waiting for you; my excitement for what December brings- all things sugar and spice; magical music, festive gatherings with family and friends- trumping the other eleven months of the year. Beautiful as they may be. And this year, while I'm beyond happy to greet this month with open arms, as usual; I will admit that, in terms of November's, this one was one of my favorites.

We started with a lovely birthday celebration- replete with delicious food, great wine, a few sparklers, and amazing family and friends. Much of the month was enjoyed with family visiting from out of town-which always makes for a great month. And at the end, I hosted my first Thanksgiving. Again with yummy food and wine, and even better company. And the turkey didn't burn- which makes for a success in my book. Cheers to a beautiful eleventh month, and much more beauty in the final days of the year.

And as we enter the most wonderful time of the year, here are the five things I've been looking forward to this December:

1. Watching Christmas movies in my Christmas jammies- daily. Particularly Home Alone I and II.

2. Blasting Sirius' Holly station while driving with my soy chai latte.

3. Holiday parties with family and friends. And a seasonal cocktail or two.

4. Enjoying December mornings, all dark and early, by the light of the Christmas tree with a hot cup of Joe.

5. Watching our girl open presents from Santa on Christmas morning. She's too young to remember, but enjoying the holidays with her makes them more special than I could ever imagine.

Lilies and Lambs Bitz Kids
Lilies and Lambs Trunk Club
Lilies and Lambs Target Bonpoint
Lilies and Lambs
Lilies and Lambs Christmas Wreath
Lilies and Lambs Christmas Tree