Holiday Gift Guide for Boys: Baby + Toddler

Holiday Gift Guide for Boys

As promised: Mom Approved Holiday Gift Guide for Boys.  As a girl mom, this one required a little more legwork- polling a few of the little fellows in our life. I included the usual suspects: legos, firetrucks, tools and super heroes. As well as a few of the less obvious gifts that I've seen win over some major hearts: teepees and headdresses, anyone?

I should also note that when creating these lists- both this one and the girls' guide {here}- I did so with the belief that most, if not all, of these toys would appeal to boys and girls alike. In fact, I've already purchased a few from this very list for my lego-loving little girl. So whether you have a little boy or girl in mind, check out both lists for your gift-giving inspiration. Happy Shopping!


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Holiday Gift Guide Boys