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Start Hustle Daily Planner 2017 Lilies and Lambs

For as long as I can remember, I've had this thing for planners.

Even in elementary school, I would look forward to the start of each school year- when I could happily invest in a crisp, brand new one. To this day there are few things that get me as pumped as meticulously writing a to-do list, then proudly crossing items off as I complete them. Pair that with my favorite pen, and it's pure bliss. I know. Nerd alert. 

Start Planner Lilies and Lambs 2.jpg

Over the past several months I've researched various options for my 2017 planner- my youngest sister, who shares my affinity for organization, and I swapping information on various designs and brands. For months, we texted back and forth- finding many options, but nothing that met all our needs. 

So when I came across this 2017 Hustle Daily Planner from Start Planner, I did a little happy dance; as I found not only a great start to my 2017, but also the perfect present for my little sis.

Start Hustle Daily Planner 2017 Lilies and Lambs

The 2017 Hustle Daily Planner met all our organization needs: with planning features for travel, holidays, diet, budgeting and goal setting and tracking. The perfect way to organize even the busiest of schedules. All wrapped up in a pretty little package.

Start Hustle Daily Planner 2017 Lilies and Lambs

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Hustle Daily Planner c/o Start Planner. All opinions are my own.