Friday Favorites

{Kraft Paper-Wrapped Presents = My New Obsession}

{Kraft Paper-Wrapped Presents = My New Obsession}

Brrr. It was a cold one this week, folks. Bringing our first several dustings of snow and high hopes for a White Christmas here in Connecticut. This weekend will bring our third official holiday party. The hubs and I threw our first one the first year we lived together; then the second the following year, after we were married. A great start to what we thought would be our annual holiday shindig. But then a pregnancy, then a newborn, put a short halt on tradition. Now that things have calmed down around here a bit, this year its back in full effect. So this week planning has been in high gear. And while these are the kind of things that can sometimes bring stress this time of year, I'm happy to soak it all in; with less than just ten days left until Christmas Day. Hope everyone is enjoying the last few weeks of the holiday season! Happy Friday!

Bulldog Santa Lilies and Lambs

{This Santa-clad bully on our sixth Christmas together }

Reindeer Roadie Cups Lilies and Lambs

{ Reindeer Roadie Cups from our favorite local gift shop, Abigail Fox Designs }

Peppermint Brownies Lilies and Lambs

{Peppermint Fudge Brownies + Wreath Garland in preparation for our upcoming festivities }

Vintage Christmas Lilies and  Lambs

( This vintage photo of my grandparents that keeps giving me all the Christmas feels }