Nursery Update

Lilies and Lambs Madeline Nursery

A few months before Madeline was born I shared the start of what I referred to as her Neutral Nursery - the beginnings of a room for a baby girl, free of pinks and frills and anything too girly. I put my heart and soul into creating that room- artfully choosing pieces for every nook and cranny; envisioning our girl someday enjoying all of them.

Today, well over a year later, Madeline's room has transformed, to say the least. Yes, I've succumbed to the pink- adding more than just a "pop" here and there. 

Pink curtains. Pink teepee. Pink blanket. Pink stuffed animals and accents everywhere.

If anything, those "pops" are now the grays and whites- leaving little neutrality to this nursery anymore. There is no doubt- a girl certainly lives here. And a girly one at that. But she enjoys it just as much as I had hoped- particularly that little teepee filled with books and blankets; and yes, lots of pink things.

Here's what our nursery is looking like these days:


Lilies and Lambs Madeline Nursery

Elephants on parade

There's seems to be a theme in this room, although it creeped up quite unintentionally. Elephants don our teepee, wall, sheets, and pillows. And a few stuffed ones, for good measure.

Lilies and Lambs Madeline Nursery
Lilies and Lambs Madeline Nursery

A Gallery Wall + Colorful Garland

This gallery wall started with just some sweet prints and pictures of Madeline's mom and dad. Over the last year and a half I've added pictures of our girl to the wall, as well as gifted books and this colorful pom pom garland. And shiny silver slippers, for good measure.

Lilies and Lambs Nursery Gallery Wall
Lilies and Lambs Gallery Wall Nursery

Little Lamb

I bought this stuffed animal for Madeline before she was even in my belly; it's one of my favorites, and I hope someday she'll love it as much as I do.

Lilies and Lambs Nursery Pottery Barn Kids


This pouf was purchased when I was pregnant with Madeline, and became the perfect perch for reading bedtime stories or rocking her back to sleep; the white and gray rug scared me a bit at first in a baby's room, but so far so clean.

Lilies and Lambs Madeline Nursery

A Girl + Her Pup

A very close friend gifted this to Madeline for her first birthday- the resemblance between her and the girl, and the dog and our Henry, get me every time.

Lilies and Lambs Nursery Pottery Barn Kids Anthropologie

Keepsake Knobs

My husband swapped out our dresser's knobs for these pink and gray beauties before Madeline was born; he wanted her to remember them as a special part of her room. And I'm sure she will; but even if she doesn't, I'll always remember that he did that for our girl.

Lilies and Lambs Madeline Nursery