Holly Jolly Peppermint Bark

Peppermint Bark Lilies and Lambs Holly Jolly

December seventh and I've already watched The Santa Clause half a dozen times. I've gone through one Frasier Fir candle. There are a hefty presents wrapped around the tree. And I've baked an embarrassing amount of peppermint treats {this one included.} Anyone with me? Or am I alone on this Island of Misfit Toys?

There's just something about this season that screams "Bake all the festive treats possible while listening to Christmas music!" So, bake I must. And while I'm not sure this yummy white-chocolate-pretzel-peppermint-bark would be considered a baked good; it's still a delicious treat fit for the holidays. And it requires melting, which must count for something.

Yesterday was one of those cold December days where the sun hid from us promptly at four. So Madeline and I put on our comfiest clothes, turned on Elf,  and put together this salty-sweet goodness that I call Holly Jolly Peppermint Bark.

Holly Jolly Peppermint Bark

In terms of a homemade sweet, this one is relatively easy to make. And if you're like me, you might even have all the ingredients on hand. And if not- all you really need is chocolate, and you can always add whatever yummy toppings you have in your pantry.

Holly Jolly Peppermint Bark Lilies and Lambs

Like all good things in life, the worst part of making Peppermint Bark is the waiting- as you MUST let the first layer of chocolate cook completely before adding the top one. And then wait again- ugh - before cracking into it. Terrible, I know- but its worth it. 

Holly Jolly Peppermint Bark Lilies and Lambs

Serve up with milk or a cup of cocoa if you've got a sweet tooth. And if there's company, I'd double the recipe. It's that good.

Holly Jolly Peppermint Bark Lilies and Lambs

Holly Jolly Peppermint Bark


1.5 cups Mini Pretzels 

1 bag White Chocolate Peppermint M&M's

8 ounces White Chocolate  

8 ounces  Milk Chocolate  


Melt Milk Chocolate and spread on a parchment lined cookie sheet.

Layer pretzels and M&M's onto warm chocolate.

Wait until cooled completely. You can place in the refrigerator if need be.

Melt White Chocolate.

Pour While Chocolate onto layers of pretzels and candy.

Wait until completely cooled. Break into pieces- the more imperfect, the better.