Lend Me Your Ears


Wow. Yesterday was a doozy.

It was the kind of day that made me want to crawl back in bed, and just wait for tomorrow to come. But I'm a mom, and like that cold medicine commercial points out- we don't get days off.  

It was a diaper blow-out kind of day. One that required a mid-day bath and a bottle of Pedialyte.

It was a day that included a trip to the doctor, a parking ticket, and a few tears shed by both mom and little.

It was the kind of day that made me want to be sure that my blog stays true to the realities of motherhood- to the fact that in the midst of all the beauty I find, it is often accented by diarrhea and spit-up. And that some days are both beautiful and very hard all at once.

It was the kind of day that made me so very sad that my family lives so far away. And made me incredibly envious of all of my friends with loved ones so close by. 

And it was also the kind of day that made me so grateful for the family we have created here- the friends that will happily fill in for blood-relatives when they are too far to lend a hand. The kind of family that will meet you for a burger and tough out the cries of your teething daughter because they know it will make you feel a little more like yourself again.  

Yes, yesterday was a doozy. And today might be one too. But I'm thankful for a tribe that sends me flowers and good vibes, patiently listens to my cries from across the pond, brings me soup, joins me for burgers, and don't mind when I sing out of key.