This is a sponsored post for Pampers through Acon Influence. All opinions are mine. 

This is a sponsored post for Pampers through Acon Influence. All opinions are mine. 

When I started Lilies + Lambs, I did so to document my journey into motherhood. The road was rocky at times; but in the face of adversity, I made a promise to find beauty in it- from bump to baby and beyond.  

So when #pampers and @walmart asked me to share my mother's promise, I was more than happy to share the motivation behind L + L, and how I remember to keep this vow to myself and my little one:

Today, almost a year since mm arrived, I continue to make a conscious choice to find beauty in our everyday adventures- to relish morning snuggles, trips to the zoo, walks at the park, a quiet moment while MM naps, or a laughter filled tickle session; all in the midst of laundry, spit up, and dirtied diapers.

Remembering to do this can be difficult, so I keep my promise where I'll see it every morning: right on my oh-so-necessary morning cup of coffee- even though it may take a few sips to be able to read it. 

I transformed my promise into a morning mantra: Today is a Beautiful Adventure; serving as a reminder to rejoice in all the day has to offer and to find the beauty in moments both big and small.


Here's how to make your own custom mug- What's your #MothersPromise? What will yours say??

DIY Coffee Mug


Oven Safe Mug

Sharpie Paint Pens 



1. Clean mug thoroughly; Make sure to remove all stickers + price tags

2. Sketch out design on scratch paper

3. Use Sharpie paint pens to create design on the mug; If you make a mistake/are unhappy with the design, use rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball to easily remove paint

4. Make sure to remove all excess paint

5. When you are happy with your design, let dry for 24 hours

6. Bake mug at 350 degrees for 20 minutes in a well ventilated room; Be sure to place mug in oven BEFORE you turn it on to prevent cracks

7. Let cool completely before removing

8. Hand wash only to clean 

Be sure to follow along on IG this week with @lilies.and.lambs to see how using Pampers Premium Care diapers from Walmart give us the freedom to enjoy these special moments together