April Showers


If April showers bring May flowers, then we are in for a treat.

Spring has been a bit shy the past few days- giving us glimpses of its glory, then sneaking away to hide behind the clouds {and snow}.

Thankfully, forecasts call for brighter and warmer days in the near future, getting me super excited to explore another season with my loves. As those sunnier days approach, I've been thinking about my spring favorites. Here are my:

Spring Top-Five Faves 

1.  Longer Days: While daylight savings is admittedly brutal at first, I live for the extra hours of daylight to spend with the family. I can't wait for warmer nights to spend outside- enjoying a glass of rosรฉ while the hubby grills and the baby plays.

2. Park Play Dates: We are lucky to live next to the cutest park you ever did see- the perfect place for Maddie and mom to go on walks, picnics, and play dates. My love for this park is only made stronger due to the fact that I myself grew up playing there, naturally giving me all the "feels." After a season couped up with an infant, I'm looking forward to the  smell of freshly cut grass while we explore all it has to offer.

3.  Closet Change-up: I'm perpetually guilty of switching over my closet to my spring wardrobe a little too early. This year I switched it over a few weeks ago, one balmy afternoon. It snowed two days later. Luckily I always keep a few sweaters out; but the joy of seeing my springtime maxis get me excited for the season and are worth having fewer options until the warmth officially arrives.

4. Chirping Birdies: Waking up to the sweet sound of birds sets the day of right and never fails to bring a smile to my face. 

5.  Lacrosse Season: I played the sport years ago, my love for it making the springtime one of my favorite seasons. I hung up my lacrosse stick years ago; but my husband's commitment to the game has only grown stronger over the years. He was a much better player than I- an All-American, in fact. And while he doesn't play too often, he still spends hours coaching the future lacrosse stars of the world. His excitement for the season is palpable, and his love for it is infectious- making it one of my favorite parts of spring.