L + L

I started this blog a little over a year ago- the February of my pregnancy, four months before Maddie Mae arrived. I founded L + L as a creative outlet; a way to focus my energy during a not-so-great pregnancy. I had hoped blogging about cute baby clothes and fun recipes would take my mind off of the Morgan-shaped divot I was creating in our bed while I watched Netflix and waited for the little one to arrive. Shockingly, the worries and mandatory rest that consumed my pregnancy left me wholly uninspired, and not such a great writer.

I was also entirely too afraid. Way too scared to voice the fears about my first, fragile pregnancy to the world.

OK, that's dramatic- at that point only my mother and husband would have read them. The world would have had better things to do. But you get the point: I couldn't muster up the courage to put pen to paper, and Lilies + Lambs was barren as could be for several months.

It wouldn't be until Maddie was several weeks old that I would begin to breathe life into the blog I had started that February, over a year ago. Starting first with precious baby pictures via Instagram, easing into first-time-mommy guides and later delving into some unnervingly heartfelt articles about motherhood.

Over time, this site has become not only what I had founded it to be, but so much more. Creative outlet? Yes, absolutely. But it also wears the hat of time-capsule, therapist, and sometime soap-box. It's true: this blog is my buddy; and I'm so grateful for it.

And I'm even more grateful for the incredible group of people that not only humor me by reading, but encourage me to do more- take more pictures, write more articles, see how far I can go.

Yesterday I published two articles on the Huffington Post; making my resume there consisting of three proudly published pieces.

And I can't wait to see what other opportunities this little blog could possibly bring.

Thank you for following along this journey with me on Lilies + Lambs.

And if you're a fan, please feel free to check out my profile on the Huffington Post here.

Much love, xx