ez pz | Mini Mat


Truth: sometimes when MM won't nap I drive her around until she falls fast asleep. And sometimes those drives take us to Buy Buy Baby. Which works out, because I almost always need something there. And even when I don't, I always end up finding something I never even knew I needed- baby must-haves that totally up my mommy-game.

Yesterday was one of those days. And that aimless drive to BBB led us to this ezpz mini mat that I'm now totally obsessed with. 

This suction mat allows my mini the independence of feeding herself while taking the work out of portion control and spoon feeding for mom. It's sleek, comes in lots of pretty colors, and fits on most high chair surfaces.

Oh, and did I mention it's dishwasher + microwave safe?

Meal game changed. 


Get your own mini mat - or mat of your choice, including the happy bowl or snack mat- here.