Learning Days


If I've learned anything about motherhood in the last year it's that just when you start to get comfortable it will throw you a curveball that will set you right in your place. 

I caught one of those curveballs in the early months when my little one first tried rolling over during a routine diaper change. That day I quickly learned that the changing table was no longer a safe place, and, from that moment on, would forever required the upmost attention {and very quick hands}.

Yesterday was one of those learning days:  

A day when you catch your kid right before something bad is about to happen- maybe a near fall; a near ingestion of something awful; a near finger-in-a-door-jam, a near trip down the stairs...

A day that led me to call my mother in a panic at 4am {her time}- I'm sorry mom, I'll make it up to you.

A day that, in hindsight, wasn't really all that dramatic- but shook me with the reminder that each day our little ones grow, us moms need to grow too.

And while in hindsight it wasn't all that bad, at the same time it was very scary- as being a mom can sometimes be. So I yelled, and panicked, and cried, and criticized myself for not being on top of it.

And then I pulled it together. Quickly.  I apologized to those I yelled at, wiped the tears from my eyes, and headed to Buy Buy Baby to baby proof the shit out of my house.

All before 10am.

In reality, yesterday was just a close call-  highlighting the fact that I no longer have a five pound newborn in my midst, but rather a very mobile little girl who can get into anything in the blink of an eye. And, in turn, my old bag of tricks won't do.

But it also highlighted the fact that as a mom our learning curve is pretty fast.  And we can have a complete meltdown, resolve it before 10 am, and be at the park by noon. Because we are nothing if not quick on our feet. And we learn- fast- on this job daily.

And if you have a good tribe behind you, well that's just icing on the cake.

So thank you to the people I woke up in a panic. The ones I anxiously texted before they got out of bed. The pediatrician I bothered as he was very likely getting for a long day of work. And the lovely people at Buy Buy Baby- who I firmly believe understand a panicked young mother more than most licensed therapists.

Good work, team.