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Gap Kids

I think its safe to say its official: my baby girl is growing up. Sure, she'll always be my baby in the figurative sense of the word; but literally speaking, it would appear I have a full-blown toddler on my hands. One that wants to "go-go-go" from the moment she wakes up- and she tells me just that. Each and every morning. And just like any transition over the past fifteen months, this one took a growing pain or two; before I realized that her fussiness was, in fact, boredom.  And seeing as we've found ourselves in those last few weeks of summer where everyone seems to be on vacation and baby classes have yet to start, we have been filling our days with as many engaging activities as we can. This means a few new toys, a little bit of dress up, and lots of walks at the beach- just enough to keep us busy before a week away with the family. 

{Tea for Two

Hape Tea Set

{View from our recent beach walk} 

Summer Beach Activities Kids

{Rainy day playtime with Melissa + Doug

Melissa and Doug Toys
Love You Nightlight
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