Mom Hack: Blankie Insurance

Little Giraffe Blanket

Mom Hack: If your kid has a favorite {toy/lovey/doll/blanket} buy a backup

For the first several months of her life, if not the first year, I was Madeline's blankie. She had plenty of real life blanket options- hand-knit ones, quilted ones, cotton ones and plush ones- but she was never really interested. Rather than warm up to one of those beauties, she preferred to cuddle her mama. And I happily obliged. But in the last few months this little lady has taken quite the liking to her blankets- one in particular, in fact. And I get it. It's the softest one of the bunch- the velvety chenille fabric and satiny trim making it the perfect naptime accessory.  There's really something so precious about a little babe and her beloved blanket- how happy she gets when reunited with it, how comforting it can be to her. And there are few things sweeter than seeing her share her blanket, something that brings her so much joy, with the ones she loves- proudly handing it over for to a special someone to let them cuddle with it, if just for a second. 

Little Giraffe Blanket

I never realized just how attached Maddie had become to her blankie until one night, when trying to put her down without it. Thankfully, it was in the dryer, just moments from being done. But it was an awakening- a reminder we could now become one of those horror stories told by other mothers- tales of sleepless nights after leaving a favorite toy on an airplane, or forgetting a lovey at home while on vacation.

So blanket insurance we did buy.  Or Nana sent us, I should say; as Little Giraffe blanket number two arrived today- a safeguard for mom and dad in case of a blanket-gone-MIA-emergency. A backup- just in case.

And, thankfully, so far we seem to have one satisfied customer.

Little Giraffe Baby Blanket

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