5 {More} Netflix Kid-Picks

Netflix Kid Picks Lilies and Lambs

A year ago I shared my 10 favorite Netflix shows for the littles. MM was just seven-months old, and admittedly, the shows were more for me than for her- kid-friendly shows for baby to hear in the background without driving mom crazy.  

Now that MM is nineteen-months old {tomorrow?!} many of those shows remain some of our very favorites- I still happily throw on Super Why and Chuggington; and Masha is always a crowd-pleaser. But in the last year, we've accumulated a few more favorites. And with our latest trip cross-country, I fell in love Netflix all over again, and added a few more gems to my list of must-see shows.

Here are five more Netflix favorites for the kiddos. What are your favorites?

1. Beat Bugs

Perhaps one of my own favorite shows, and one that I might have even watched before I had my little one. This original Netflix series tells the adventure of animated bugs to the tunes of the Beatles, sung by some pretty cool contemporary artists. 

2. Zootopia

Heck, ya! And while I'm sure you're familiar with the flick, did you know it's on Netflix?! This one pretty much pays for the subscription all by itself.

3. Little baby bum

Little Baby Bum plays classic nursery rhymes to brightly animated images. Certainly not something I'd watch without MM; but she's a big fan of the music, and I love the incorporation of learning shapes, colors and numbers.

4. Story bots: Super Songs

Based on the popular early childhood education educational apps, Story Bots: Super Songs feature the same popular characters as they answer children's questions with educational songs.

5. Little einsteins

Little Einsteins centers around art and music and follows four friends as they solve missions on "their favorite rocket ship." MM has loved this show from the beginning, and the characters know way more about art and music than I do, so it must be good enough for my one-year-old, right?