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Every now and then I come across a product that I just wish was around when MM was an itty-bitty newborn- must-haves that would have made my life all that much easier as a new mama. And then there are the products I find that just make me scream, "why didn't I think of that?!"

And when I came across baby company Cozy Cheekz, I found TWO such products: Cozy Cheekz Heated Changing Pad and the Cozy Cradle

Heated Changing Pad

Thinking back to the first several months of new motherhood, I remember how stressful those late-night diaper changes could be: particularly the fear that the chill of both diaper wipes and changing pad could fully wake the babe and send her into a mid-night tizzy. And while they sold many a diaper wipe warmer to aid in this very situation, there were no heated changing pads. But now {yay!} there's Cozy Cheekz.

Cozy Changing Pad.JPG

The Cozy Cheekz Heated Changing Pad is a temperature controlled pad with four different heat settings that stays warm for twelve hours at a time. The pad itself is made from super-comfy antibacterial foam; and the removable changing pad cover is feathery soft- keeping your little one cozy and warm during diaper changes. It's one of the softest changing pads I've come across, and the only heated pad on the market- a definite registry must-have for new and expecting mamas.

Cozy Cheekz

Cozy Cradle

To this day I still cringe when I think of having to change my little one on-the-go. I've very {very} rarely used the changing tables in public bathrooms; and when I do, I'm sure to wipe it down and cover it like crazy before entrusting it with my girl's tush. So when I found this Cozy Cradle from Cozy Cheekz I did a little happy dance. 

Cozy Cradle Lilis and Lambs.JPG

This soft antibacterial memory foam pad comes with a roll and clip design that makes it super easy to throw into almost any diaper bag. Like the changing pad, the Cozy Cradle is super soft and cozy; and includes a removable washable cover and waterproof carry bag, perfect for travel. And the patented design cradles baby's head, so it can be used as added support while nursing or holding baby in your lap. This nifty little mat is a great go-to shower present; and the perfect gift for second {or third time} mamas.

Cozy Cheekz Cozy Cradle Lilies and Lambs