Friday Favorites

Tod's Point Lilies and Lambs

Happy Friday, folks! We made it. I know technically it was a short week, but for some reason it sure felt like a long one to me. This crazy weather of ours has us pent-up inside some days; and while I enjoy any excuse for a day in pajamas, my little one has other plans. Thankfully, a trip to the toy store brought some distraction with a few new favorite puzzles. And while she is entertained with books and the like, this little girl of mine wants to go, go, go; making me grateful for the slightly warmer days to come and eternally hopeful for an early spring. 

How do you entertain your littles when the weather keeps you indoors??

Cheers to a happy weekend!

Brisket Lilies and Lambs

{Cold days call for our favorite slow-cooked brisket, straight from TX to CT}

Sorel Kids Lilies and Lambs

{An impromptu snow fall brought out our Sorels for both Big and Little}

Gap Kids Lilies and Lambs

{And snow dancing with Auntie P in her favorite Uggs}

LL BEAN lilies and lambs

{Baby Bear Slippers and our favorite new puzzle keeping us entertained, if only for a moment}

Tod's Point Old Greenwich Lilies and Lambs

{A view of our beach, all covered in white}