Lilies and Lambs 2017

The holidays are officially over and we have returned from our vacation in dreamy California. It was a lovely holiday season that, as always, went way too quickly. But we are back at home, and happy to settle back in our routine and into the new year. 

Typically I'm not one for New Year's Resolutions. But I do try to take the start of a new year to refocus on what makes me feel good- inside and out. Sometimes its just a simple tweak that can make all the difference. And because I'm a big believer in writing down what we need and want, here are a few things I'm committing to in 2017:

Food Philosophy: I'm a foodie. I'll admit it. Particularly during the holidays. I ate all the peppermint bark, pumpkin pie, and charcuterie a girl could dream of over the last several weeks. And as much as I always enjoy it, I don't feel my best self when I indulge like this. I feel sluggish and icky, and it depletes me of the energy I need for early mornings with my girl. And I notice that when I swap the sweets and carbs for colorful fruits and veggies, I feel all that much better. Commitment: Find a food philosophy that works for me and my busy schedule; cut the junk, reach for the greens instead and drink lots and lots of water.

Me-Time: As I've mentioned before, it can be difficult to balance all the duties of being a mom while still taking care of ourselves, too. For me, it's something I have to be super mindful and diligent about, otherwise I tend to neglect myself amidst the daily tasks of taking care of a tiny human. The good news: I've found that it takes very little to reboot. So this year, I'd like to schedule time for what I need, avoiding the burnout before it creeps up on me. Commitment: Schedule {and attend} weekly yoga and Soul Cycle classes, monthly massages and a girl's night out every now and then. And a bubble bath here and there never hurts.

Letting Go: Before the holidays I treated myself to a much needed massage. Within seconds the masseuse noticed the extreme tension in my neck and shoulders- which I've always attributed to the constant motion of picking my little one up and down. And while she agreed it was somewhat of a job-related injury, she also believed it was largely due to stress. She then instructed me to identify three things that were no longer serving me, and to let them go. Nothing like a little homework during some spa-time. I was surprised at how quickly I was able to pinpoint three, or more, things that I needed to relinquish. Although I can't tell you for sure how much this visualization attributed to my recovery, I think there's absolutely value in letting go of anything that no longer serves our purpose. Commitment: Take inventory of the things around me, and intentionally practice learning when to let go.

What are your resolutions?