Friday Favorites

Sweaters and Name Bubbles Lilies and Lambs

This weekend will be my first full weekend away from my little family.

Actually, it's technically a long weekend away, as I'll be spending three nights down in Atlanta to celebrate my ten-year college reunion. But who's counting, besides maybe my husband?

How strange it is to be a mama- to dream about vacations away from our responsibilities, but then be so torn and sad to leave those tiny little souls that make us whole.

But I'm a firm believer that its important to do things that remind us of who we were before kids- and to become reacquainted with the things that used to make us tick. For me, that means I'll be spending the weekend with my very best friend, whom I met in college. We'll visit our old stomping grounds- the campus, our favorite restaurants, shops and watering holes- and will likely have a few late night dance parties in our PJs. Just like we used to. 

If you're into those kinds of things, be sure to follow along on Instagram and Insta-Stories. And stop by and check out my IG Sunday night for a great local giveaway, too.

Until Monday, here are a few of my favorite things from the week. Happy Weekend!

Max and Madeleine Lilies and Lambs

{Max & Madeleine: This fab new line of green skin care products for mom + baby. Something tells me this Healing Balm and Boo Boo Stick will get a lot of use come winter}

Admirals Club Lilies and Lambs

{My office view, for a change: I haven't flown without MM since she was born, so I took full advantage of all the Admiral's club had to offer}

Zara Baby Pumpkins Lilies and Lambs

{This girl is mad about Mickey. And it's rubbing off on her mama}

Lilies and Lambs

{A snap from our family hike earlier in the week, that makes me extra happy to be raising our girl in New England}

Lilies and Lambs

{This girl was all smiles- and covered in paint- after her art class this past week. She absolutely loved it and cannot wait to go back to Green Moon Children's Art Studio. Check out my Instagram this Sunday night for a fab local giveaway!}