Friday Favorites

Vermont Lilies and Lambs

So our road trip took an unexpected turn and this little family of ours ended up in beautiful Vermont. It was a welcome surprise, and it was a trip that left our hearts and bellies very, very full. Who knew such a small town in New England would host some of the most delicious brews and eats I've ever tasted?  And despite a little bit of rain and a few bumps in the road, our Vermont vacay proved to be one of my favorites ever.

I'll be sharing a roundup of our short little trip next week; until then, here are a few of my favorite snaps from our stay so far. 

Vermont Lilies and Lambs Olive and Atlas

{Essentials: Bean Boots, our new Olive + Atlas collar, and our Georgia girl}

Vermont Lilies and Lambs The Equinox

{Loving this view at one of my new favorite hotels, The Equinox}

Vermont Lilies and Lambs

{Burnt Orange + Deep Greens outside a sweet general store in Dorset}

Vermont Lilies and Lambs

{Vermont had all the penny candy. And we took advantage}

Vermont Lilies and Lambs

{Fall leaves, red tractors and pretty ponies on repeat}