Friday Favorites

Hallmark Valentine Lilies and Lambs

Before I get down to business as usual, I want to thank everyone for their kind words and comments on yesterday's post. We received such an outpouring of love and support; most of which included your own, very similar stories to our own. I am so grateful for this platform to share my own experiences- to find the silver lining in it all, but also to let others know they aren't alone. Many of you said such kind things about how brave it is to share my story, and I am grateful for that. But for me, writing is cathartic. The real brave one is my husband, who allows me to so honestly share something that is not only my story, but just as much his as well. So I thank him for that.

With that being said, its Friday! We had quite the snow day yesterday. Which was fun for most of the day, until MM got a little stir crazy. Because, toddlers. We are looking forward to a low-key weekend filled with sledding, snow angels, and snowmen. Here's to a happy happy weekend.

Lilies and Lambs Gucci Bonpoint Burberry

{An attempt at a photo before a friend's first birthday/christening, flats found here}

Gap Kids Lilies and Lambs

{This giddy girl all dressed in florals + stripes, similar here}

Shop Private Party Lilies and Lambs

{Our favorite snow day lounging attire}

Knowlita Lilies and Lambs

{An adorable onesie found at the opening of our local Saks Collective, similar found here and here }