March First

February Roundup.JPG

Rabbit, Rabbit.

It's March first, which just so happens to be my sweet mama's birthday. And lucky us, she's in town to celebrate for the next week. Since her arrival we've logged some serious Maddie-Nana time; filled with PJ parties, dancing and way too much chocolate. Oh, and apparently if you want your toddler to start talking your ear off, all she needs is a few days with her Nana. Because it seems like overnight this little girl of mine has transformed into one chatty Kathy. 

I'm looking forward to a day {or two} of showering our Mama with lots of love- the perfect way to start a brand new month off on the right foot. And if it's anything like our February, it's sure to be a beautiful one.

Happy Birthday, Nana. And Happy March, ya'll.