Our Bath Time Routine

Bath Time Aden and Anais

Lucky for me, our girl has always been a lover of bath time. Even as an itty bitty babe, she was happy as a clam in a good ol' fashion sink bath. Just a little thing with some soap and warm water.

As she grew into her regular tub, we incorporated a few favorite toys, lots of sudsy bubbles, and the occasional soundtrack {typically Raffi, and lately Moana} into our nightly routine. 


Bath Time Aden and Anais Lilies and Lambs
Bath Time Aden and Anais Lilies and Lambs

Sure, there are days when bath time is a quick hit. Because, honestly, sometimes mama is tired.

But most nights we look forward to getting clean before bed, and spending more than a few minutes laughing and playing in the tub. And considering our winters are as long as they are cold here in Connecticut, we're no stranger to the occasional morning or afternoon bath to pass the time. 

Bath Time Aden and Anais Lilies and Lambs

Lately we've been loving the amazing skincare products from Aden + Anais as part of our bath time routine- including their bubble bath, hair and body wash, and ultra-gentle lotion. Their products are lightly scented, with just enough of the yummy aroma of Australian sandalwood; and they're infused with moisturizing paw paw fruit, leaving MM's skin and hair extra soft, even in the dry winter months. 

Bath Time Aden and Anais Lilies and Lambs
Bath Time with Aden and Anais

To make sure my mini's clean from head to toe, I use the oh-so-durable, yet extra gentle, washcloth from Aden + Anais, in their adorable star print. MM splashes around in the bubbles and practices her "kick kick kick" while blowing a few bubbles of her own. And after bath time, we get dry and cozied up in her plush hooded towel before putting on PJs and reading a story or two in bed.

Our very favorite way to end the day together. 

Aden + Anais Lilies and Lambs
Bath Time Aden and Anais Lilies and Lambs

Thank you, Aden + Anais for supporting this post by providing products. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.

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