April Showers

Lilies and Lambs Tiny Prints

It's been a gloomy, rainy week here in Connecticut- a complete let down after a beautiful and promising Sunday. And this mama is going a little stir crazy. After a very {very} long winter cooped up with a baby that has now officially entered toddler-hood, I was quite looking forward to spring days spent outside. Unfortunately, this New England weather has different plans, again leaving us up to our own {indoor} devices. 

The upside? In addition to becoming quite creative- did you know that brushing one's teeth is an excellent way to kill a few minutes here and there; particularly when paired with this amazing Elmo video {here}- I've also become rather productive.

These rainy spring days that are meant to be spent outside have been the perfect excuse to get some major spring cleaning done. I've organized our pantry, swapped out seasonal wardrobes, cleaned out closets, and have finally started decorating our stairway with canvas prints of some of our favorite family photos {above}. I'll be sharing pics of the finished product soon- tearfully, I'm sure, as I see how much my little has grown. But in the meantime, you can find us in our PJs, doing a little spring cleaning. And baking. And redecorating. 

And, yes, even practicing brushing our little teeth.

Here are some of the ways we've been spending our rainy final days of April:

Lilies and Lambs Roberta Roller Rabbit

{ These rainy days have, admittedly, been spent in our comfiest PJ's}

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Terrain Westport Lilies and Lambs

{Terrain : A glimpse into a trip to one of our favorite local shops/restaurants }

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Lilies and Lambs J Crew Kids Crewcuts

{Practicing a few baking basic- Including knowing when to toss a bowl of batter compromised by a toddler-germ covered spoon}

Maddie Flowers Lilies and Lambs

{Getting her Martha Stewart-on in the floral department}