In My Bag: Tropical Vacation Essentials

Beach Vacation Packing List Lilies and Lambs

It's officially May; and yet the weather here in New England has remained somewhat gloomy and just a touch chilly. I've been in full wanderlust mode over here- daydreaming of an island vacation in the tropics So the chance at a quick beach getaway with the family couldn't have come at a better time.

The past few days have been spent meticulously packing- making sure I have all my toddler travel essentials and laying out warm-weather outfits for me and my mini. 

Here are a few of the tropical beach essentials I'll be bringing on vacation. And if you're in the mood for pictures of fruity drinks and sandy beaches, be sure to follow along on Instagram. 


For me, packing for the beach means a suitcase mostly full of tunics, swim suits, and sandals. We're a casual bunch, especially now that MM is here. But I do plan on taking advantage of a vacation with family, meaning the hubby and I will sneak away for an early dinner or drinks for two. I'll be bringing one or two dressier options, like this colorful maxi dress.  And because I'm big on getting a sweat in these days, I'll be sure to bring my favorite sneakers that can be worn for both running and traveling. 


Truth be told, it's been quite some time since this bod has seen the sunshine. But two years post-baby and I'm going to bite the bullet, don that bikini and dive into the ocean with the family. Swim shopping is a little different postpartum, but I've found a few styles that are both cute and comfortable for chasing after a toddler. I picked this style from J Crew and plan on living in this shirt-turned-cover-up from Athleta


Because my little has fair baby skin, and hasn't spent too much time in the sun, I'll be sure to pack the beach essentials: sun hats, rash guards, and lots of sunscreen. I can't wait to dress her up in lots of bright prints, like this dress from Lilly Pulitzer and this tunic from Roberta Roller Rabbit. And I'll be sure to bring my her very favorite pair of  baby sandals from Salt Water.


After becoming fully obsessed with HBO's Big Little Lies I can't wait to go back and read Liane Moriarty's original version. I'll also be packing one of my very favorite parenting books, Permission to Parent- I started it when MM was first born and admittedly never finished it; but I loved every sentence I read way back then. I'm hoping a few to steal an hour or two to finally finish this read. 


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