Friday Faves: MM's Room

Lorena Canals Rug

TGIF- ammiright?

It's been an exhausting week with this girl of ours. I thought days filled with outdoor activities would tire her out a bit... but not so much. Does anyone else have a toddler that goes nonstop all day long? I guess in the long run, its a good thing. And in the meantime, there's always a much-deserved glass of rosé al fresco as the sun goes down. But I digress.

Lately I've been bitten by the decorating bug. I've been rearranging different rooms of the house, and trying to get organized and back to the new normal- now that our cupboards are no longer filled with bibs, bottles and binkies. And slowly but surely, the transition from nursery to toddler room continues. 

The changes haven't been all that drastic yet- MM somehow hasn't attempted to climb out of the crib, so I'm going to ride that wave as long as I can; and seeing as she isn't potty trained yet, the changing table will stay where it is.  But I've added a few touches here and there- adorable custom mobiles from Paige and Poppy that give a sweet boho-feel, a few new books from our latest vacation, and matching sheets, quilt and tee pee from our beloved Roberta Roller Rabbit.

And seeing as the white rug I ignorantly purchased for my girl's nursery has seen better days, I decided to update her room with a new, more  toddler-friendly version. This beauty from Lorena Canals is not only eco-friendly, but machine-washable, too- meaning that I don't have to worry about spills or an obscene cleaning bill as she breaks it in. It's the perfect addition to the bohemian feel I'm easing into- and I love the size, as it shows so much of those gorg hardwood floors, while giving her a sizable space to play.

Here are a few of my favorites to kick off a beautiful weekend.

Any fun plans in store?

Lorena Canals Rug

{This rug that's bringing a whole new look to MM's almost-big-girl-room}

Nate Berkus A to Z Bookends

{These A-to-Z bookends that will eventually live on MM's dresser}

Ziggy Marley Lorena Canals Rug

{These island-inspired books Auntie P picked up in Jamaica}

Paige and Poppy Etsy

{These hand-crafted boho mobiles}

Paige and Poppy Etsy Mobile

Check out more handmade beauties from Lorena Canals {here}.