Summer Reset

Summer Rest Lilies and Lambs

I don't know about you, but for us, summertime is synonymous with socializing: an endless string of beach days, BBQ's and weekend getaways. And, also for us, socializing most often equals consumption. Yes, folks, my family, friends, and I are consumers to-the-max. If we had a motto it would probably go something like, "Eat, drink, and be merry. And then eat and drink again."

Knowing this about myself, I made a commitment some six-months ago as part of my New Year's Resolutions to focus on being a healthier version of myself- to allow myself to guiltlessly consume from time-to-time, but to change my perspective on food and fitness in order to live a healthier, more energetic life.

And while I've made similar resolutions in the past- to diet, or cut out sugar or carbs- I can safely say that six months and twenty-five pounds later this particular Resolution stuck this time around. A lot of this success I attribute to my motivation- to be healthier and happier rather than skinnier. But I also think a lot of it has to do with allowing myself to indulge from time-to-time; particularly during the holidays- but to abide by a few simple steps to get back on the right track.

So seeing as this past fourth of July weekend, which also included my husband's birthday on the third, was the longest long weekend of all time- we did a lot of indulging, to say the least. Burgers, hot dogs, rosé and beer were had. And they were delicious. But it also left me feeling a bit sluggish, and less than my  best self.

So what does one do after a little to much summertime indulgence? Here are the give steps I live by to reset:

1. find your squad. cardio hard.

They say one is the loneliest number. And I think they were referring specifically to sweating it out. Getting motivated can be tough. But its much easier when you have a wingman- or woman. Group fitness was never my thing until I started spinning at Soul Cycle. Now I'm addicted. It's much easier to get psyched about a work out when you bring a fitness junkie along. Even better if you can trick your hubs into falling in love with running again. Find a fitness partner in crime and cheer each other on- it makes the restart that much easier.

2.treat your 'drobe

If all else fails: bribe yourself. If I'm feeling a little stuck in a rut I treat myself to a shiny new pair of sneaks or a cool pair of running pants. Hey, you've earned them. And running has never been more enjoyable since I invested in my wireless Sudio earphones. Welcome to the future, Morgan; I may as well have been running with a walkman.

3. Cleanse that Bod

I did my first juice cleans some six years ago. It was great- I loved the juices- but I definitely missed the act of eating; and tended to go a little crazy afterwards. These days I like to reboot with programs that incorporate loads of veggies and fruits in addition to the typical juices. Registered Dietitian, Nathalie Rhone of Nutrition by Nathalie, says,

"There's no question that summer weekends filled with burgers and frozé can get us feeling heavy and sluggish. Hitting the reset button by filling your body with plant foods like tons of green juices, fresh fruit, raw salads, whole grains and healthy fats is the way to detox, de-bloat, and get that bikini bod back! Plant foods, especially fruits and non-starchy vegetables, are the easiest types of foods for our bodies to break down and digest, allowing us to pull and use the nutrients we need to stay nourished and satiated, but keep us light and lean at the same time!"

Each month Rhone creates an incredible 5-day cleanse that's perfect to get back on track. Find out more of about her July cleanse by e-mailing or by visiting her Instagram @allgoodeats.

PS: If you're into health/foodie accounts, you'll want to give her a follow, too.

4. play those jams

I'm not one of those people that loves to run in order to clear their mind and be one with their thoughts. No. Absolutely not. In fact, if the music stops, I might as well call an Uber home. I need the beats to keep-a-moving. Whenever I get back into the groove I like to create a fresh new playlist. Here are a few of my faves right now:

Thunder Remix- Imagine Dragons

Particula- Major Lazer & DJ Maphorisa

The Cure- Lady Gaga

False Alarm (Hook N Sling Remix)- Matoma & Becky Hill

Stay (Featuring Dia Frampton)- tyDi

5.Don't think. just do.

Whenever I'm REALLY not feeling up to a workout- and this happens a lot- I have to remind myself: I've never regretted a single workout. In fact, nine times out of ten, I leave feeling super grateful that I've pulled it together and got my bod moving. So even on the days that I can come up with a million excuses not to move- particularly those days after a few too many glasses of sancerre- I make myself go. If I can't go to my most favorite spin class, I go for a run. Raining out? I go to the gym. Even if its late at night and I'd rather be in bed: Just do it.  

Shouldn't that be a slogan for an athletic brand or something?