Life Lately

Tod's Point Old Greenwich Lilies and Lambs

Almost the end of July, and its safe to say the summer's in full swing. Although this season has never been my favorite, I can't say the same for our girl- she's a beach junkie for sure, and has done her darnedest to make one out of the rest of her family.

And while I don't think I could ever love a season more than I love a crisp New England autumn, summer is quickly becoming a close second thanks to MM. Her love for the sand, sun and summer socializing is infectious- and there's nothing I won't do to make the girl smile as big as she does when we get to our local Point. 

Most days, we get up bright and early- thanks more to our new puppy addition, Georgia. Mornings are {thankfully} lazy as can be- complete with a hot cup of Joe- and then we head to the beach.

Thankfully, Madeline couldn't love a brisk jog in her B.O.B more- giving this mama the perfect chance to get in a sweat while we both enjoy the view. And, to MM's delight, the rest of our mornings have often been spent with family and friends playing in the sand.

Here are a few more summer updates:

Georgia Girl: Just a few short months ago we said goodbye to our six-year old bulldog, Henry. It was terribly sad, and in my option utterly too soon; but for Henry, it was time. We cried, and grieved, and still think of him- and all the joy he brought us- daily. And despite the sadness of saying goodbye to a four-legged family member, we got back on the horse and welcomed a new member to our family- a black lab pup named Georgia. She's beautiful, and sweet, and certainly a puppy. And while life is a bit chaotic juggling both her and a toddler- our hearts are full.

Big Girl Bed: A few days ago, after catching our daughter before a near fall out of her crib, we bit the bullet and gave our MM a big-girl-bed. I was nervous at first, but the transition {knock on wood} has been one that has worked great for us so far. Yes, I lay down with her to fall asleep at the end of the day- but its one of my most favorite and precious times of day with her. And if I've learned anything over the past two years, its that time goes too quickly- and I just want to soak in these moments with our girl while I still can.

Road Trippin': While we typically stay close to home during the summer, we have planned a few day and weekend trips close by. Coming up next: a weekend trip to Mystic, where we look forward to indulging in some waterside lobster rolls and chowder. Familiar with the area? Please send recs for pet-friendly haunts, as we'll be toting our pup along with us.

All The Netflix: If our days are spent at the beach, then our nights are spent cozied up with Netflix binges and homemade popcorn. Recently, the hubs has perfected stovetop popcorn covered in salty butter; and I've gotten knee deep in some pretty amazing shows. My favorites lately? The Keepers, Broadchurch, Schitt's Creek, and 13 Reasons Why topping my list. 

Book Club: I've been talking about joining a book club for {errr} years? So when my sister offered to organize one, I jumped at the chance. Wine? Cheese? A hilarious book? I'm in. We're currently reading I Like You Just the Way I Am by the Jenny Mollen. Stay tuned for how our first official meeting goes. Currently accepting any tips and hints for you book club pros out there.