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No, no. I'm not pregnant. Yet. As I mentioned {here} I found myself a bit shell-shocked after our last try at baby number two. It left me defeated, sad, and discouraged; for the time being. So we tabled the idea, and went back to enjoying our little family of three.

And now, nearly a year later, we are ready to get back on the horse, and try again. As us mamas do.

When I started this blog, I was pregnant with our MM. At the time, I was still too scared and superstitious to talk about my pregnancy, let alone my journey trying to conceive. And looking back on it, I regret not sharing more of myself-including both my challenges and successes with fertility.

My struggle with infertility shook me to the core. At the age of 29, I never thought I'd experience such road blocks to start the family I so desperately wanted. I learned a lot throughout my journey TTC- that I can't control everything; that I'm blessed with amazing family, friends, and doctors; to be patient; to trust; to let go; to be kind; that I'm tough as shit.  And, sadly, I also learned that so many of us share this same struggle trying to create a family. 

Here at Lilies and Lambs, I  share so much of my raw, daily life as a mom- the good, the bad, the sticky- and knowing that those posts give dirty-haired, hands-full, chaotically-happy mamas some comfort, fills my heart with insane joy. 

So, throughout this next waltz with infertility, I will try to share as much as I can- open and honestly; hoping that it will make at least one of you feel a little less alone.

Allison Kasirer, creator of pre-pregnancy nutrition company, FertileGirl, attempts to do the same. Compelled by her own challenges trying to conceive, Allison hopes to start an open, honest, shame-free conversation about fertility; and to help you on the right path to motherhood with her superfood bars. Recently I've incorporated them into my daily diet, and I'm obsessed. They're super yummy and packed with all the good stuff- plant-based proteins, omega 3s, calcium, and iron.

If you're expecting, or expecting to be expecting, grab a box {here}. Use code LILIES for 15% off your first order. And let me know what you think! 

FertileGirl Lilies and Lambs
FertilegGirl Lilies and Lambs