Ultimate Spicy Bloody Mary with Stuffed Peperoncinis

Ultimate Spicy Bloody Mary with Stuffed Peperonicinis

Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary.  

There are few things I enjoy more than a Bloody Mary on a Sunday afternoon.

Yes, I enjoy a mimosa here and there, too- I'm only human- but bloodies are my go-to brunch accoutrement. Give me all the eggs, pancakes and bloody red libations, and I'm one happy mama.

Particularly during the fall. I know, I know- there's still a lot of life left in this summer. But as pre-season football starts and the markets begin to fill with all things black and orange for Halloween, its giving me major fall feels. If only in my mind.

And during the fall, there's nothing like the perfect bloody on game day. Sure, there's some bias, as my husband and I met on one crisp September day over bloodies and the New England Patriots. But there's nothing like the first sip at kick-off to settle you right into my favorite season. 

And while there are a few bottled bloody mixes I approve of in a pinch, there's nothing quite like a homemade concoction from scratch. So as we gear up for football season, we've been stretching our bloody-making skills over here big time. Lately, we've been perfecting our spicy version, complete with a dash of perfectly briney peperoncini juice and delicious stuffed peperoncinis- because my favorite bloodies come filled with a side of skewered-goodness to snack on as we drink.

I've partnered with Mezzetta to turn the ordinary, every day classic into this spicy, crave-worthy favorite. Try 'em out + tell us what you think. And don't forget to scroll down to enter a yummy sweepstakes brought to you by Mezzetta.

Ultimate Spicy Bloody Mary with Stuffed Peperonicinis
Ultimate Spicy Bloody Mary with Stuffed Peperonicinis
Ultimate Spicy Bloody Mary with Stuffed Peperonicinis
Ultimate Spicy Bloody Mary with Stuffed Peperonicinis
Ultimate Spicy Bloody Mary with Stuffed Peperonicinis
Ultimate Spicy Bloody Mary with Stuffed Peperonicinis

Ultimate spicy bloody mary

ingredients - bloody mary mix

serving size: 1 pitcher, about 4 servings

16 oz Tomato Juice

1.5 oz Mezzeta Peperoncini Juice

Worcestershire Sauce {about 5 dashes, to taste}

Tabasco Sauce {about 5 dashes, to taste}

1 tbsp Horseradish 

pinch Celery Salt

pinch Cayenne Pepper

pinch Old Bay Seasoning

squeeze of fresh Lemon + Lime

Salt + Pepper, to taste

ingredients - stuffed peperoncinis

serving size- 4

4 Mezzetta Peperoncinis {I used one per Bloody Mary skewer}

2 slices Prosciutto

2 tsp Feta cheese

ingredients - garnish + skewers

 Jumbo Shrimp, 1 per serving

Stuffed Peperoncinis / Small Green Olives / Cocktail Onion / Picked Red Pepper / Gherkin 



stuffed peperoncinis

1. Slice tops off of peperoncinis and remove seeds, set aside.

2. Lay slices of prosciutto on a plate, coat with 1 tsp feta cheese per slice. Roll. Cut in half, or to fit peperoncinis.

3. Stuff inside peperoncinis. Set aside.

bloody mary mix

1. Combine tomato juice / Mezzetta peperoncini juice / Worcestershire sauce + Tabasco in a pitcher.

2. Add horseradish {We use 1tbsp, modify to your taste}.

3. Add pinch of celery salt / cayenne pepper / Old Bay Seasoning.

4. Add squeeze of fresh lemon + lime.

5. Add salt + pepper to taste.


1. Assemble skewers with garnish of your choice. We used all of the above in this order: green onion, stuffed peperoncini, cocktail onion, pickled red pepper, gherkin.


1. Coat rim of glass with a slice of fresh lemon.

2. Pour 2 tbsp Old Bay in small dish.

3. Gently roll rim in seasoning to coat.

4. Add several ice cubes.

5. Add 1.5 oz vodka {although these are equally delicious as Virgin Marys}

6. Add Bloody Mary Mix to fill glass.

7. Garnish with jumbo shrimp + skewer.

8. Enjoy, responsibly of course!




Ultimate Spicy Bloody Mary with Peperoncinis

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