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Say Yes Campbells Soup

I've said it once, and I'll say it again: mom-ing ain't easy.

Yes, it's rewarding and magical and amazing beyond words. But it's also exhausting and doubt-inducing and sleepless and worrisome, at times. And it's so easy to lose yourself in it all; in this thing called motherhood.

I lost myself somewhere before I became a mom- when I was stone-cold focused on becoming one. As I've mentioned before, my fertility journey started in 2013. It changed me, temporarily; as doctor's appointments, fertility drugs, and several failed attempts took over. I gained weight- a lot of it. Some of my relationships changed- and not always for the better. I grappled with doubts and emotions; I learned patience and hope. And after several months and rounds of trying to conceive, we finally became pregnant with our girl. And it was worth it all.

After delivering our MM in 2015, I fell- quickly- into that early haze of new motherhood; the one where you don't shower, or go out much, or change out of PJs. I never left her with anyone- except my husband and mother from time-to-time- and I hardly worked out- mostly because I physically couldn't. But somewhere in the second month of my new gig as mom, I made a concerted effort to get back to normal. Because I knew I needed to be happy and healthy for that little one I worked so hard for. And while as a mom, it can be difficult- almost counterintuitive- to put ourselves first, I also know it’s impossible to pour from an empty well.

So over the past few years I've learned to say  "yes" to me.

For me, this means taking time to myself- to work out, take care of my body, and recharge.

Sure, this can mean squeezing in some mommy-time before the sun comes up or well after it goes down- but motherhood is nothing if not a delicate balance; and it’s been so worth it. I've found work-out classes I'm passionate about; coaches that motivate me; friends that push me to meet my fitness goals; and I surround myself with people that encourage and advocate self-love. And while saying "yes" isn't always a piece of cake, I've lost sixty pounds, a few pant sizes, and most importantly have never felt happier and healthier since I’ve committed to doing it- allowing me to become the best version of myself for the ones I love.

And because I’ve also learned that I can’t feel healthy without eating healthy, I’ve also committed to finding nutritious and delicious options that fit into our busy schedule- particularly ones both mom and mini enjoy- like yummy Well Yes!® soups. .

They’re quick, easy, and filled with all the good stuff; and they’re tasty enough to satisfy the picky eaters in my house, which is always a plus. We’re big fans of the Traditional Chicken Noodle Soup {here} .

Which will you try?

Say Yes Campbells Soup
Say Yes Campbells Soup
Say Yes Campbells Soup

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