A Few Favorite Firsts {So Far}

Favorite Firsts Lilies and Lambs

My girl starts her very first day of school next week, and its making me just a tad emotional.

Yes, I'm very {very} excited to have a few hours to myself, a few days a week- to get some work done, tidy up the house and run the occasional errand that just can't be done with toddler in tow. But I'm also somewhat sad- and baffled- that two plus years have already passed with our MM; and that every day she's a little less baby, and a little more tiny human.

But as I've been thinking about this paramount first we're about to encounter, its reminded me of just how joyful and rewarding these moments of "firsts" really are. And that while, yes,  they do mean she's growing, and that time just flies by way too quickly these days; they also mean she's becoming a little person that I'm so proud to call ours.

And I know we have a lifetime of heart-melting, happy firsts to come. 

Here are a few of my favorite firsts so far:

1. The First {Unsolicited} Hug: That really tight one. Both arms around mom's neck. With an extra squeeze for good measure.

2. The First Solo Dance Party: As an itty bitty baby she would only dance in my arms. Until the music recently moved her so much so that she just let out that inner dancing queen. Elaine Benes moves and all. That term dance like no one's watching? Its her. And I hope it never changes.

3. The First I Love You: It doesn't get much better.

4. The First Song: There's nothing like the sound of your two-nager singing along to Carly Rae Jepson. Like,  actually trying to hit the notes and saying "yeah" right on cue. 

5. The First Time She Orders: At our favorite restaurant. With a "please" to boot.

6. The First Favorites: Color? Blue. Movie? Cars. Food? French Fries. She has preferences that makeup her little personality, and for some reason that makes me smile.

7. The First Roll: The first steps are nice, and undeniably pivotal on their own. But rolling over was one of the firsts of many firsts, and there's just something about it thats stuck with me.

8. The First First Dance: We recorded this one the day she came home from the hospital- her dad holding her and dancing with her for the first time. Its saved on multiple devices- kept safe to play at her wedding someday. 

9. The First Night At Home:  As a family of three. It was nerve wracking. And I can't say any of us slept all that much. But a household of two became one of three over night. And that was perfection. 

10. The First Laugh: The one that comes from the depths of her belly.  It's still my favorite sound in the world- only now complete with a gap-toothed grin.

What are your favorite first-time-moments with your kiddos? Let me know in the comments below: